Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 2011

The following poem comes from a young woman who is working hard to understand the journey that has brought her to incarceration.  Using her words in a new way reinforces the changes she desires to make in her life. She wanted to share it with others.




 I believe in the unseen

Some things must remain unspoken

And if you love too quickly

Your soul is bound to be broken

But this love is so powerful

His presence so surreal

A commitment so serious, beyond existent

I shall not run, I will not fear

For I surrender to you, Almighty


Call and he shall come near

I'm scared to love, or even be loyal

Yet these feelings are so pure

It's like I'm suffocating, I'm a caterpillar

I must escape this cocoon

I'm a child locked inside of his love

Yes, I've discovered my faith!

Surrendered to this destined fate

I believe in the unseen

From his love, I cannot escape


Shaqouia Hoffman