Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thoughts of a Pod Inmate
A place where freedom doesn't ring
People come & people go
No real relationships
Not much to go off of but the thoughts in your head
Living Life is not an option
Subject to ways you're not used to
Words from others seem so abstract
No one you can really trust
No drugs to keep you running
Gotta dig deeper into emotional pits
This definitely is how you don't want to live
Reality is afar
Reinventing yourself is a must
The future is always unknown
By Melissa Baltus
It took courage to write this poem. It reflects the struggle to survive in a difficult place. What is so admirable about this young woman, is her deep desire to reinvent herself; the struggle to stay out of trouble in the pod, the recovery plans for the future, the seeking of healthy relationships or the changing of those relationships that are not working. This is the daily life of every person incarcerated. Isn't this the daily life of every human being? The struggle to survive in our world. Perhaps some of us work harder at it than others, but if we suspend judgement & just be there for each other, the journey maybe somewhat easier. So that the next poem may say,  A place where freedom rings.
peace, Julia