Tuesday, May 14, 2013


One of the joys of this ministry is the ever widening circle of our message of love; love for our sisters and brothers who are incarcerated. I intended to share the following poem this month, but our organist, Marian, beat me to it!  She included it in her weekly blog which goes out to a whole other group of folks.
Several weeks ago, during Lent, in one of the worship services, the chaplain gave us about 15 minutes to do something creative to express our feelings. A couple of the women drew pictures. One young woman drew a picture of herself giving a birthday present to her little boy. She said she hoped to be out of jail in time to be home for his birthday. I played the piano – whatever hymns and spirituals came into my mind. One of the women told me she recognized every song I played. Tanya wrote a reflection on what love means to her. That 15 minutes was probably the most peaceful part of the day for all of us.
After listening again yesterday in church to what the Bible says about loving one another, I think now is a good time to share Tanya's reflection on love.
Love is praying for my enemies –
In the same way I pray for my family
Love is growing in God –
Every day in every way
Love is not only knowing that angels are near –
But feeling them touch my soul
Love is willingness to give all –
And at the same time receive none
Love is a trust that never wavers –
No matter what stands in your way
Love is loving more than you know how –
Yet expecting nothing in return
Love is the melting of your soul –
In the coldest day you've known
Tanya, 2013
peace & love, Julia

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