Thursday, June 13, 2013


The Lap of God
She was shelling peas,
apron-covered knees
spread wide to catch
each pea/each pod
I, shaky, needy
wandered near
Her ancient swollen hands
pushed back the hair
that hid my face
She set down the pan
and, patting her knee,
oh, child,
come on up here
and let me have a look at you.
Her voice was safe and so was I
sitting in the lap of God.
Just about every week I hear a woman say in worship that she is incarcerated because God set her down for a minute. Their lives were out of control & they needed time to clear their bodies & minds & open their spirit to the one who created them in that Divine image. How precious does this poem say it for us. We will be sharing it in the next few weeks in worship to express the joy & comfort of setting down in the safe place that is God.
May we all find that place in this season of summer.
Peace & gratitude, Julia