Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Healthy Boundaries

            I had the privilege of  attending this workshop sponsored by the Wisconsin Council of Churches through the FaithTrust Institute. It confirmed for me the importance of being present to our attitudes and actions in this ministry. The interweaving of presentation and conversation provided time to learn and reflect. Their mission and purpose include:
                FaithTrust Institute provides faith communities and advocates with the tools and
    And knowledge they need to address the faith and cultural issues related to abuse.
     For more than 35 years, FaithTrust Institute has continued to  envision a world
                where abuse is not tolerated, religious communities are trustworthy and justice
                and healing are truly experience.
Because the majority of the women I see are struggling with some abuse issue  the information and support from this workshop was essential and I would recommend it highly. Our discussions reminded me of the  following poem.  As difficult as it may be to read and hear, I believe  it speaks clearly to the struggle that persists after abuse has been experienced. It also concludes with the hope that healing is possible.


Our Story

They say everybody has a story, but you don't see us on any talk show
And when his manhood was taken before he was ten,
I bet no one cared to know
Or her with her smile so bright,
Did you know that her father came into her room at night?
And the guy across the street so sweet,
Did you know that he was sodomized and beat?
It was by his mother and not his father,
And no one seemed to bother when they heard him scream and holler
Like the girl that was raped by her beau and his guy
And all I can remember saying is why and why?
So when you see us one day all confused and sad
And just can't figure out why we're acting so mad
Take a seat and listen to  what we've been through
And all I gotta say is you better be lucky it didn't happen to you
But wait, we're not feeling sorry for ourselves
And that's not what we want you to do
We just want to let you know that in spite of everything we made it
So then that means that you can make it too.
By Sara
peace, hope & gratitude, Julia