Thursday, January 30, 2014


It the beginning of a new year and January has slipped by so quickly.
I always ask the women who participate in worship to do two things this time of year; set an intention and review the jail ministry. Their reponses are striking in a number of ways. Their intentions almost always include sobriety and their families.
In their reviews of how the ministry serves them, they almost always want more; more individual spiritual care, more churches involved in the ministry, more Bible studies & worship opportunities, more guidance for trauma and recovery, more literature, more thanksgiving, more prayer. The more says to me that they realize the opportunities and resources we provide and recognize the gift of it all. But they are hungry for even more! The challenge for myself, the ministry, the churches, the community is, can we do more?
This past year we have benefited and grown from having our own graphic designer, Cara Erickson. We have a new logo and the website has been renewed. We have new ideas for 2014.
 We have a new co-facilitator for our Women's Beginnings Group. Brittany Seyller is a UW-Madison intern with the mental health staff at the jail. She has already become an asset and inspiration for our group.
Christa Fisher will be our first ever Clinical Pastoral Education student. She will be co-facilitating the Backyard Mosaic Women's Project and Women's Worship. She too instantly began to use her gifts and is an inspirational presence.
With new ideas and new people we can improve and expand!
Improvement comes from a surrender of will to GOD, a willingness of self-change. Each of us is different, however we have shared intent.  Michelle