Thursday, April 30, 2015

On the Road to Emmaus

Recently Pastor Scott Geister-Jones shared the following devotion with the MALC board. It is based on the well-loved story of Jesus' meeting with his followers on the Emmaus Road. I experienced his devotion as a very moving and supportive reflection on the work we do at the Dane County Jail and in our Madison community. May it be so.
 A surprising resurrection account startles two travelers weary with grief.
How often must this happen inside the Madison Jail?
Families broken with grief. Heart ache as palpable as tears on a cheek. Hopes dashed.
Yet a visitor joins the weary ones, asks questions and listens. Soon the words of Christ burn within them. Life is rekindled. Darkness transformed. Hope stirs amidst grief.
How often this story unfolds inside the jail as Julia or John draw near. They journey on the Road to Emmaus and hear the voice of another say to them, "Stay with us. It is nearly evening. The day is almost over. "
Almost, but not fully over. The the Christ promises a new day and a new way!