Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Human Trafficking

On a beautiful day, blue skies and perfect temperatures, Christa Fisher and I were having conversations about the tragedy that continues in this world of ours, the selling of human beings. Christa began working with the Jail Ministry last year as a Clinical Pastoral Education Student Chaplain and she is now the administrator for our collaboration with the Backyard Mosaic Women's Project. She will also be coordinating the volunteers and liaisons as a temporary hire for the Jail Ministry.
Our conversations were with the Racine Dominicans/who have given us a grant, Edwina Gately/who began Genesis House and Sophia's Circle/women who graduated from her program fifteen years ago. Illuminating and excruciatingly painful, we could not have these conversations without time to collect our thoughts and stones from the shores of Lake Michigan and a visit to the nearby Eco-Justice Center.
It is impossible to understand how we humans can treat each other so cruelly, even though the center of our theology as Christians is the crucifixtion. It is followed by the hope of resurrection. In this season of Pentecost may the Spirit be upon us to find the will and the tools to abolish human trafficking. I ask for your prayers to support us as we continue to hold community conversations and seek the funds to assist the survivors in their pursuit of true life and healing. Amen.
peace & gratitude, Chaplain Julia