Tuesday, November 8, 2016

For what are you created?

Last week in worship our reflection question was, For what are you created? Almost every woman around the morning and afternoon worship circles knew her answer. Those that were unsure were immediately given the reflection from the rest of the women of the gifts they had experienced in their hesitant sisters. In our afternoon service, when each woman had shared, a young woman piped up, How about you, Chaplain Julia?  Personally, I had been feeling somewhat sad about my upcoming birthday in the light of my mother's recent cancer diagnosis. But my answer came with a unexpected rush of joy. Soon I will be 62 and I am doing everything I have been created to do in my world!  I am living my dreams and visions. I was met with all the, "you look so good for your age" comments, but then one woman took charge and led them all in singing a Happy Birthday and God Bless You that rang out through the jail. Suddenly my sadness lifted and I knew that my day of birth could be a celebration, as well as my mother's fighting spirit and her long life on this earth.
For what am I created? For a ministry of mutuality, a sharing of presence, story and life.
Peace & gratitude, Julia